Monday, October 29, 2018



I normally almost always Analogies to connect with my it my Investors or fellow Advisors.
This particular Analogy was CREATED by me and used to present the benefits of Investing in Equities in a very simplistic way.
I had used this when I was doing a seminar for Teenagers.

Once upon a time, in a city there lived 2 friends.
They were strangely named MR.BELIEVABLE and his friend was named MR.UNBELIEVABLE.

One day, Mr.UNBELIEVABLE felt very sick and he understood he was dying.
He called his wife and said
“Look Dear, I am dying and I am sick of this idiotic name UNBELIEVABLE. On my graveyard, do not write any name. You can put any image, a saying, or write anything say a poem, phrase, anything but not my name. I do not want to carry this idiotic name to the graveyard”
Very soon, he died.
His wife, as per his last wish, did not write his name on the graveyard but did write something which meant the same as his name.....MR.UNBELIEVABLE.

She wrote
“Here lies a man who became very wealthy by
a) Investing in Fds
b) Taking only Endowment Plans
  1. Doing Day Trading in Stock Markets”

Whoever passed by the grave and saw the wordings exclaimed “its UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!”

So, this way, Mr.Unbelievable wish was fulfilled

Likewise, his friend MR.BELIEVABLE too became very sick one day and he too understood that he was dying.
He called his wife and said
“Dear, I am dying and I am sick of this idiotic name BELIEVABLE.
On my Gravestone, please do not write any name.
You can any image, a saying or write anything....a poem, a phrase, anything but not my name on the graveyard. .
I DO NOT want to carry this idiotic name to the graveyard”

Very soon, Mr.BELIEVABLE also died.

His wife, as per his last wish, did not write his name on the graveyard but did write something which mean the same as his name.....BELIEVABLE
She wrote...

“Here lies a man who became very WEALTHY by
a) Investing in Equity Mutual Funds
b) Taking only Term Insurance
  1. Most importantly, having RAVI B JADAV (NR INVESTMENTS) as his advisor!!!!”

Whoever passed by the grave and saw the wordings could not but exclaim “its BELIEVABLE”

So, this way, Mr.BELIEVABLE 's last wish was fulfilled.
This, my friends, is the story of Mr.BELIEVABLE and MR.UNBELlEVABLE.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Some Investment Principles drawn from Gandhian Philosophy.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

1) Wealth is but the product of a man’s behaviour.

2) Change your asset allocation to see the change you want to see in your wealth

3)The weak can never be wealthy. Investing is an attribute of the strong that takes them on to the path of wealth creation.

4) I will not make any journalist walk through my mind with their dirty thoughts on investing

5) Wealth does not come from intellectual capacity. It comes from indomitable will power. The ability to stay invested despite the surrounding volatility

6) An ounce of patience is worth more than a tonne of preaching. Just be calm when others are not.

7)Change your behaviour with changing markets to stay in control

8)See the good in volatility and make volatility work for you

9) Without action you aren’t going anywhere. Take action, invest more, reallocate your assets.

10) Take care of this moment. This is the moment that will make you wealthy

11) Be authentic, be your true self. Don’t get influenced by others. Everyone is a slave of his or her fear and greed.

12)Continue to grow and evolve by showing patience, knowledge and conviction.

13) A “no” uttered with deepest conviction is better than a “Yes” uttered merely to please. Say “no” to redemption

14) Glory lies in the investment journey ; the path to wealth creation. Enjoy the journey; the plains, the hills, the slopes, the ascent and the decent.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Financial Advisor ka follow rule

Bull na kar jaaye humko fool
Financial Advisor ka follow rule

Bear nahin hoga market se gull
Financial Advisor ka follow rule

Agar rehna chahate ho hamesha cool
Financial Advisor ka follow rule

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Arbitrage Fund..

Betaal the little ghost was watching Vikram cross the jungle path and finding an opportune moment he flew and perched upon his broad shoulders.  Explain Arbitrage Fund, “he said”. “Explain the concept of “Arbitrage” in as simple a manner as possible so that I have no doubts after listening to you. If you can’t explain it simply enough and if I am still troubled by “Arbitrage” concept, I’ll smash your head.”
Vikram remained unfazed as ever. Never to be troubled by such empty threats but always open to challenges. 
Ok Betaal. Let me explain the arbitrage concept to you with an example
Let us say  tea is sold at the tea stall on the roadside for Rs 10 but for Rs 15 on the 10th floor canteen.
This means a price differential exists between these two markets ( roadside and 10th floor)
This price difference is an arbitrage opportunity.
Now a smart fellow can buy tea on the road for Rs 10 and sell it at 15 and make a clean profit of Rs 5.
But as customers come to know about this price difference they will start going to road side stall
if the tea vendor comes to know about the price of tea on the 15th floor he too will be tempted to raise his price.
So over a period of time this price differential can reduce or disappear. 
Now let us see how Arbitrage is played out in the stock markets.
You must know that there are two markets. One is the spot market and the other is the futures market.
A difference in prices exist between these two markets as well.
The same stock will have a one price in the spot market and a different one in the futures market.
Let’s say the price is Rs 100 in spot market and Rs 11o in futures market.
Now let us assume I buy in spot market for Rs 100 and I sell in the futures market for Rs 110.
We must also know that towards the end of every month the prices of spot market and futures  market will become equal.
On the expiry date all deals are “squared off” or “reconciled” or “hisab kitab” is done
Let us say the spot price rose from 100 to 105  on the date of expiry.
Therefore the futures price would come down from 11o to 105  
(Since at expiry the common price was 105)
Clearly in spot market I made a Rs 5 profit (since I had bought at Rs 100)
And in the futures also I made a profit of Rs 5 (since I had sold at Rs 110 and now I can buy at 105 while squaring off)
Thus the total profit is Rs 5 + Rs 5 = Rs 10 ( the same difference that existed between spot and futures on the day I had done the arbitrage transaction)
This is the concept on which the Arbitrage Fund operates
Arbitrage Funds have given returns which would be around the returns of  liquid fund.
But one needs to note that Arbitrage Funds are treated as Equity Funds and not taxed like debt funds.
This means like other Equity Funds,  all dividends are tax-free and any capital gains is taxed at only 15% within the first year and is tax free thereafter.
If you are looking at a short term investment of less than one year, invest in the dividend re-investment option. so that the NAV does not rise much which makes capital gains miniscule. 
So for a short-term investment of say 7 months, this is a good fund and even better than liquid fund because of the tax treatment.”
Vikramaditya finished and looked at Betaal.
“Now little ghost, hope you are clear about the concept of “Arbitrage” and the “Arbitrage fund”.
Betaal smiled at Vikramaditya and said,”nobody other than you could have explained this in a more lucid manner. So I am sparing again  but will meet you another day with another query”
Saying this the Betaal took flight and disappeared into the thick forest as Vikramaditya continued his walk nonchalantly.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Festivals brings families together....

Diwali is approaching.

The mood is festive. The families are coming together.

Friendship and love pervades the atmosphere.

This is the season of fun, enjoyment and frolic.

Have a great festive season with your near and dear ones.

May you be blessed with good health, happiness and wealth.

God Bless.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Kinds of Risk...

Financial Five Series 3

1. Financial Planning isn’t about money and let’s be clear about it. It’s about life & living a respectable life

2. Success happens in uncomfortable zones. If the market makes you uncomfortable, it’s a sign of future success

3. SIP is a tiny window into a large, growing and prosperous economy

4.You neither make good ‘returns’ by churning players in cricket nor by churning funds in your portfolio basket

5.If you want the best computer then keep waiting. If you want the best mutual fund then don’t even waste your time waiting

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