Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lessons of Personal Finance from BJPs performance

1)Have a clear goal ; Development for all is their goal and being consistent about their goal has been their strength. This was their goal in the general election and has been the goal in all subsequent elections. 2) Keep moving and be focussed on doing rather than saying. Sustain your SIP.
3)Ignore market noise. Opposition trying to tarnish the image of the BJP as a non secular party even though the party itself is saying sab ka vikas , opposition screaming hoarse about demonetization. The trick is to ignore market noise and keep doing your SIP. Don’t allow your investment strategy to get derailed.
4) Have trust in your leader /Financial Advisor. Don’t look at your competition but instead look at the larger picture which in the financial context translates to focus on the long term rather than the short term. Take short term failures on your stride and move on. For BJP Delhi and Bihar were failures but to move on without changing the focus on the vision was their way of persevering. Do it with your SIP. Trust the economy, trust the market. Don’t worry about short term losses. Don’t look at FD.
5) Patience and efforts pay rich dividends in the form of compounding both in the political context and in the context of personal finance.

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